Friday, April 11, 2014

Gardens are a Girl's Best Friend

As an introduction, let me just say that I am happy it's spring!  Winter creeped up on us so late here in the northwest, setting back our initial days of mild, dry weather in January and February.  But now we are are in the throws of spring; the cherry blossoms have been phenomenal this year and we are busy planting vegetables and garden plans on hold since winter!  The featured garden is a transformation of a messy, beautiful garden plot in the montlake neighborhood.  While our love of perennials and herbs is great, sometimes they take over our windows and beds and the gardens become a counted measure of the time and love willing to spend on it pleasures.  This garden was designed to have a natural, effervescent  and colorful effect with the end result of drought tolerance and less maintenance.  The garden's owner has looked at these privet hedges for far too long!!

We installed some beautiful Taxus and Itea hedges that provide a more colorful, manageable interest than just the privet.
The garden transformation is yet to be apparent, but the stonework is an immediate improvement in the rockery and the groundcovers are ready to fill in!

Our crew got busy dividing, digging and transplanting and before too long, it looked like a new garden!  I cant wait to watch the progress this summer, it's going to be beautiful!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Breaking Up is Hard to DO

I have a problem with letting go, being attached, loving the gardens I work in... Call it what you will; when the garden owner either takes care of the garden themselves, sells the property, or hires a different gardener, I have a hard time saying goodbye to the gardens we maintain.  In general, I get to watch each garden mature, flourish and dieback for many years.  I know what and where every plant is and look forward to their seasonal displays. Through those years, we add on to the existing plan, move, replant and do all other required garden tasks.  Letting go, its not my Forte!  So, I bid adieu to another garden; this garden is an extraordinary example of unusual plants, loads of flowers all summer, great plant siting and a drought tolerant garden that needs minimal water throughout the whole summer!  

Perhaps the new owner will find it in their heart to let me back in.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rustic Bench & Grass Play Area

 This spring, Jason and I worked on a small garden revamp project for a garden that we have been maintaining for many years.  The new owners have been wanting to create a soft grassy area with a firepit area and stone bench, so that they can sit in the garden, as well as view it.  So, we first began with the removal of the old Splitleaf Alder stump and loads of perennials.  Then we brought in lots of soil to build up the grassy area, stone for the bench, and moved plants around to cover old pathways and build new ones.  Sometimes, all you need is a few creative changes to transform areas of your garden into useable space!



Almost Finished
Seed-grown Lawn & Rustic Bench
Old pathway

New Perennial Bed over old Path

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Awesome Alliums!

 This spring has been so busy, that I haven't posted as often as I usually do.  There have been no pictures of pretty flowers for a long while!  Alliums have got to be one of my favorites when its their time, just so darn showy and they  get bigger & better, year after year!  Here are some favorite varieties of mine:
Allium Globemaster

Allium schubertii

Allium christophii

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Web Issues

UPDATE!  I am manually fixing all of my posts, as Google and Picasa cannot fix this issue.  Slowly but surely I will have everything back up!!!

It looks like I am having some website difficulties.  Bear with me while I fix these issues: primarily my lack of photos! Please see our facebook page in the interim.

Monday, April 22, 2013

April Flowers!!

 This beautiful Iris japonica is an evergreen spreading beauty!  I planted 2 4" pots three years ago, and it has made an incredible spring display this year.  I adore this iris, as it needs only some supplemental water in the summer and the foliage looks great almost all year long!

Another favorite of mine Erysimum 'Apricot Twist, with Tulips Mt Tacoma And Spring Green!  Love the Orange and White in the Spring.  So fresh and sweet....